UMS sends planes with the New Saliva tests to DK

30. March 2021

Mærsk our strategic logistic partner, moving out goods door-to-door, this time with Saliva Testers. 

UMS launch TV commercials on TV2 for Saliva tests

12. March 2021

As a part of fighting Covid 19 - UMS launch Saliva tests on TV Commercials so the general population can test them self in a more comfortable way than the very uncomfortable nasal tests.

TV2 NEWS New pressure for the use of Saliva tests

21. February 2021

TV2 News following up, pressure on the Danish Government to use Saliva tests. THey are cheaper, faster and as effective as PCR tests.  

TV2 NEWS - UMS advice to use Saliva tests

20. February 2021

UMS applying pressure on the Danish Government for the use of Saliva tests.

Insight on our glove production

5. February 2021

Video made today from our dedicated production line in China - producing 4.000.000 boxes per month for UMS.

UMS launch own Nitrile Glove brand

1. December 2020

After selling lots of different brands of Nitrile around the world, UMS dedicated we a month ago to launch our own brand, all certified by Eurofins. The produce is produced in Thailand and UMS is the exclusive distributor in Europe.


1. OCTOBER 2020

After UMS was sold to Mytac end of August 2020, we decided to move our HQ to Copenhagen, to be central placed as well as creating our new identity. 

Our new address is Amaliegade 6, right next to Amalenborg Castle.